Difficult Country: 7 Actions Ugandan Mainstream Musicians Should Take

The music business in Uganda is going to get harder than anywhere else. The industry is heavily misunderstood, and now increasingly politicized. This is why there is no goodwill to create an environment in which this industry can thrive. Success is possible but against such great odds. If you’re a mainstream musician, here are 7 actions you should implement.

April 20, 2021

FEZAH on CNN Inside Africa

It feels like 2021 starts today Monday, Feb 1st. Last year tested our resilience, agility, and faith at FEZAH. Three members of our team got COVID. We recovered and delivered on our vision and mission; better economics for musicians both online and offline. See highlights ↓ 1. Startup InvestmentAfrique Créative, backed...

February 1, 2021