Journey to CIO

Are you an aspiring or first time CIO in Uganda? This is for you; One in-person bootcamp in January 2024, followed by an optional quarterly online check-in session for the subsequent 3 quarters.

The goal is to build a pipeline of highly effective CIOs that can reach ready-now status by the end of 2024. Essentially, a pool of talent out of which we can confidently recommend if a CIO-need comes our way.

At the end of the physical bootcamp in January 2024, you will have a roadmap to rapidly improve your CIO-readiness. The quarterly online check-ins will focus on tracking progress and course correcting your journey to ready-now.

Because we believe in Women CIOs too, there is a special $200 gender-diversity discount.🥰

Content Outline

1. Hour of Prayer - 8am to 9am
2. The Highly Effective CIO Mindset
3. Building Your Exec & Talent Networks
4. Maintaining Clarity of Vision
5. Earning Trust & Respect of Chief Executives, EXCOs, Boards, ManCos
6. Selecting Bets & Building Squads
7. Building Resilience & Calmness
8. Pitfalls to Avoid
9. Special Guest Chat - CIO-Regulator Dynamics by Peter Kahiigi - CTO, Centenary Technology Services.
10. Special Guest Chat - CIO-Board Dynamics by Dr. Rita Kabatunzi - Company Secretary, Stanbic Holdings Uganda.
11. Resume Review – Qualifications, Skills, Experience

Access Details

SAT 27th Jan, 2024


Kampala, CBD

USD 1,000

About Me

  • I recently completed my assignment as CIO/Head Engineering Stanbic, a leading bank in Uganda.
  • I previously held a similar role at NSSF Uganda, East Africa's largest pensions fund.
  • I've had the pleasure of working in Big Tech, spending 5 years at Google.
  • I've also enjoyed the thrill of startups, starting with True African - Uganda's first mobile VAS-turned-fintech company which I founded in the early 2000s and exited in 2014.

5 Key Learnings

5 key learnings from my recent assignment (banking) and other ExCO roles I’ve done over the years, especially for those that aspire to hold similar positions.

1. Innovation
The threats that financial institutions face are complex and fast evolving. Your balance between risk and innovation will be tested.

2. Focus
Whatever you do, don’t spread yourself thin. Find the one thing that if you get right will make room for the rest. The one thing that if you don’t get right, nothing else you get right matters. That’s the assignment.

3. Environment
Large matrix organizations have many voices. Your ability to shield your team and block the noise before it gets to them will allow the team much needed room to stick with the plan and cause meaningful impact in the area of focus.

4. Talent
Identify, build, position, empower, and reward your talent. You’ll need them for there’s much ground to cover. At a point my team headcount was ~300, with diverse disciplines. Alone you’ll be blinded on many fronts. Work through your talent.

5. Depth
As techies we invest a lot in technical depth. The best it will get you is the respect of your team. That’s important, but you need far beyond that to stand and weather storms that surely come. In my case it’s the peace and boldness that comes from knowing that I have Heaven’s backing. That peace makes you different out there.